Monday, 31 January 2011

Big winter Storm Coming

We are preparing for a huge winter snowstorm coming our way (Lower Southeast Michigan). We went to the store today to make sure we have everything we will need to "stay in" for a few days. We're supposed to get over a foot of Snow overnight Tuesday to Wednesday. Looks like it's going to be "De Ja Vu all over again." I sketched and watercolored this picture of our front walk and gate last year after it was shoveled off. But I think we are going to get MORE snow than this in one swoop tomorrow night.
I even went out and filled the birdfeeders to the brim because we get tons of birds when it snows....because there is no where else to find food for them.
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Monday, 24 January 2011

Watercolor and Photos

I decided to post a couple items together. First, an entry in my Watercolor Journal--it is done in the drawing paper part of my journal (the last few pages :-) As I mentioned beside the drawing, I like the Nook a lot and use it every day and have read quite a few books since June.
Then there's the update on my Amaryllis--It's growing so tall it almost reaches my light fixture over the Kitchen Table...but we do have a bloom stem as you can see (Maybe by Valentine's Day???)
Then I took a few pictures out of my Kitchen Window of birds at my feeder. I happened to get one of my favorite little Red-Breasted Nuthatch guy.  They are friendly birds just like the Chickadees.  Notice the female Cardinal in the background.   It was snowing quite a bit today and the birds really do come looking for food. I get quite a variety of them and enjoy keeping the feeder full.

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Kitchen Doorwall Christmas Wreath

Yesterday, we took down all of our Christmas Decor--inside and out--in between days of snow. Last night we got a few more inches...actually it has a nice clean look! I wanted to show my hand-made crocheted snowflakes that my friend Ruth did for me several years ago. I put them up every year (Do you think that invites the snow???) Also we have a heated birdbath so the birds can have a drink during the winter. It's fun to see them even sometimes take a "bath." We have some Robins that stay here all winter because we have trees that have small fruits on them that they just love. Before long, the Cedar Waxwings will be "raiding" the trees for those precious fruits. Only the pine trees are green this time of the year--so now we are looking forward to longer days and Spring :-)
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Friday, 14 January 2011

Clementine Tangerines

I started to peel myself a Clementine (Tangerine) and discovered that the Peeling was coming off all in one piece--so I kept it up and did succeed in a One-Piece-Peel :-) When I set it on the table to eat, I decided to watercolor it since I'm always looking for everyday subjects for my journal. In the winter there aren't as many things jumping out in front of enjoy my "feast" with me.
In this area, we buy small "crates" of these--about 24 Clementine Tangerines. They are real sweet, and usually seedless.
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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Winter Pumpkin

I left my Ceramic Halloween Pumpkin on the Porch by mistake--we got a ton of snow yesterday and last night...I couldn't resist posting this. He doesn't look too happy :-)
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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Kathy's Birdfeeder Photo

My friend Kathy took a photo of a Cardinal at her feeder and posted it on Facebook--I thought it was a well-taken Photo because you could even see the seed in the Cardinal's mouth, etc. So I decided to "watercolor" it from the photo.
Since I make notecards (people like to buy them), several people said they liked it so much so please make notecards from this picture.
So I did get busy and put a border around it and here it is! Besides, I think the Cardinals are my favorite birds. Mr. & Mrs. C. are the last ones at the feeder before dark--then they come to the birdbath (heated) for a drink before bed :-)
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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Amaryllis???

On New Year's Day--looking for something to "watercolor" I spied my Amaryllis (that was supposed to bloom at Christmas). It's somewhat behind, I think! It's supposed to be kept in a south window (for sunlight and warmth) which we don't have too much of this time of the year. So I painted it to show how it looked on January 1st. We had snow outside--but not too much sunshine! In fact, for about 5 days in a row, NO SUN at all! I had a "little talk" with Ammy and she seems to be growing a little taller now :-) Maybe I'll even get 2 blooms....I'll keep you posted!
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