Tuesday, 10 September 2013


 Our favorite hamburgers (I like a Cheeseburger :-)  are at a place named Miller's in Dearborn, MI.  They have Tiffany-style lamps alll over (which I have posted before) but this couple was in front of us watching the Detroit Tigers play Ball--and having a Coke (which it seems most of the people do at Miller's.
My favorite is Vernor's Ginger Ale!
Families even come in there (maybe after visiting Greenfield Village???
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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Almost the end of the Summer......

Thought I would put a few of my flowers (and gate) on the blog along with a Hummingbird, and flowers outside the gate, too.  Actually, the Hummers have been very prolific.  There are six feeding holes in that feeder, but one Hummer will NOT let any others up there when he is already feeding.  They dive at each other--and it's quite interesting to watch them.
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