Friday, 15 June 2012

Geraniums and Hollyhocks

Last year I bought two Hollyhock plants at our local Farmer's Market.  They do not blossom the first year, but they grew and made it through the winter and this Spring they really started growing, and getting buds on them.  They blossomed starting last week and I am very pleased with the colors.  The (almost) black ones are a deep Merlot Wine color.  And the light ones are a (almost white) light pink with maroon centers. 
Also, my husband picked out a different-looking Geranium with bright pink petals with maroon centers.
I had difficult keeping my hands off the wet watercolor border :-)  Just klutzy, I guess!
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clematis Time

These are my Clematis--I have a pink one on the Trellis and below it on a smaller Trellis is a Purple Bell-Shaped Vine with loads of Purple Bells.   Around the side of the house I have a large flowered Purple with a white Star-type Center.  I think this one is called some kind of Etoile????  Love These bloomers right now.
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