Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Note Cards

This is the "Backing" card that I put on the back of my Note Card Packets. There are 8 cards (2 of each scene) in each packet. A friend had requested a packet, and I just finished printing them. These are some of my personal favorites:
The Tulips were my Spring purchase a couple years ago and I thought they looked so pretty in that Crystal Vase. The Green-Shuttered window was sketched in Charleston, SC, and my Christmas Cactus (which does NOT bloom at Christmas???) was from 2010. The Crocuses coming up in the snow was a picture I saw in a magazine--however, as you can see below--my Aliums seem to be peeking through the snow...go figure :-)
I make Birthday Cards from some of my watercolor/sketches and send them to anyone in our Adult Bible Class who has a birthday. Also "get well" and "thinking of you" cards.
People seem to really love getting a hand-made card! (And I enjoy making them!) I call it my "Ministry."
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Are these my Aliums peeking up through the snow??? I don't have any other "bulbs" planted here :-) Brave little souls--aren't they? I took this with my phone on the way out the door to vote this a.m. (Michigan)
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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine Rose

We went to Mitchel's Seafood for a wonderful Valentine's Dinner. I had a Surf n' Turf combo--a petite steak and a Crabcake on roasted asparagas/with a Sea-Salted Baked Potato on the side. It sure was yummy!
They gave each couple a long-stemmed red rose so of course I had to sketch/watercolor it.
Something colorful to paint on a very dull, gray day. We got a measley 2 " of snow yesterday--but it is melted already because it got up to 40' today. (damp, damp, damp)
I would rather have it cold and sunny!
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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Drawing in Church

This is from my "Drawing in Church" journal--which I really enjoy doing on Sundays. Helps to keep me focused on the Words of the praise songs and the Sermons!
This was back in September when the Choir and Orchestra were both a part of the Worship.
I tried to "capture" a few of each of the choir/musicians. I take notes and draw in church, but then I watercolor at home.
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