Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine Rose

We went to Mitchel's Seafood for a wonderful Valentine's Dinner. I had a Surf n' Turf combo--a petite steak and a Crabcake on roasted asparagas/with a Sea-Salted Baked Potato on the side. It sure was yummy!
They gave each couple a long-stemmed red rose so of course I had to sketch/watercolor it.
Something colorful to paint on a very dull, gray day. We got a measley 2 " of snow yesterday--but it is melted already because it got up to 40' today. (damp, damp, damp)
I would rather have it cold and sunny!
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Marlene said...

Beautiful!! I love roses.

Claire M said...

Lovely rose! I'm super fond of roses too!

PAK ART said...

Your rose is beautiful! Sounds like a lovely dinner - I love asparagus, but my sweetie doesn't so I rarely make it. I'm giving away a piece of art on my blog - stop by to enter for the drawing!