Monday, 30 January 2012

They Draw and Cook

This is a 2-page spread for a Recipe Illustration submitted to a website called "They Draw And Cook". My Granddaughter Laura
(who is a graphic Artist) has submitted several of these illustrations and has been published in their fun Recipe Book "They Draw and Cook" that has just become available.
She talked me into doing a recipe illustration that had to be on a certain size paper, and scanned to certain dimensions, etc. which is over my head :-) sooooo--oooo Laura did all the measurements and scanning and we submitted it--and Woo-Hoo, they put it on their website. Also, they put it on Facebook :-0
I had done this in another form in one of my journal/sketchbooks--but had to re-arrange it etc. The middle of the bookpage is right between the two Lime pieces top to bottom.
If I ever get "published" I'll really faint!!! But it was fun! (especially at my age :-)
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Going to the "Outback"

Oh! it is so Blah outside right now (& yesterday) and I think I am craving I got out my Watercolor Journal and picked a post from December as you see.
We had such a fine meal there and the veggies are always so colorful. I got out my sketchbook and our waitress just had to "see" it (of course, I was flattered :-)
When our meals came, I loved the look of the whole plate so I quickly penciled in the food--they always give you one of those huge serrated knives :-)
I did watercolor it at home because I didn't want my food to get cold.
In the winter, when there is no snow on the ground--everything is so colorless so to keep sketching's usually food!
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Monday, 16 January 2012


What is it about these "Cuties" that it is so fun to get the peeling off all in one stab? After I did this, I just had to get out my "portables" and paint and photograph it :-) "Sports" for the you-know-what!
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I always buy three or four small Pointsettias to have around the house for Christmas. This one was on our Kitchen Table for the season. (and it still is) We don't put up a Tree anymore (too much work putting it away :-) We buy a big fresh wreath for over the fireplace and decorate with our Little Village, Pointsettias, etc.
These little Pointsettias usually last into the Springtime, and are fun to have around just to see how long we can keep them pretty.'s a little "sketch" for posterity. Happy New Year to all!
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