Sunday, 29 May 2011


When this pair walked in and sat in front of us this morning...I couldn't take my eyes away from all the butterflies--and then the big train on the back of this young man's t-shirt. I think they were Mother and Son.
I had to leave early to get to the Church Library (I volunteer on the 5th Sunday) so I didn't get to greet them.
We also had a Memorial Day Commemoration. Very Nice!
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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Coffee Mugs

I was enjoying my coffee in my favorite mug and decided I would paint it (in case anything ever happened to it). It already has a small chip on one side. HeatherLane puts out some unique' cups, vases, etc. I have a few of them.
Also love to have Blueberry Pancakes at 'Gest Omelets' in our area. Theirs are the best! and I always get and (pay extra for) the REAL maple syrup!
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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hyacinths and Pansies

My daughter Ruth surprised me with some Grape Hyacinths this Spring (she planted them last Fall while we were away). She heard me mention that I liked them and she planted at least 30 bulbs. She tells me to "watch out" because they will multiply... love them!

So of course I had to watercolor a few of has rained since then and they are really colorful now.

This is the beginning of my "Pot of Pansies" There will be more :-) as they grow.
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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Daffodils and Smokies Pictures

My Daffodils were in full bloom when I arrived home...these are the (approx. 100) bulbs my daughter planted along the edge of our wooded area as a surprise one Fall when we were away. When they came up in the Spring--I was very surprised and delighted! It's the gift that keeps on giving :-)

This is a picture of Cliff & I in front of "Ogles Cabin" on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail Drive. There are loads of wildflower behind this place--and we have seen lots of Pink Lady Slippers here.

This is a sketch/watercolor of a Church Door that we love. It is on Airport Road in the town of Gatlinburg on the way to the cabin above. They always have the flowers to match the door and it looks so pretty.
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Sunday, 1 May 2011

When we were on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail (a narrow one-way road (?) that follows a Rushing River/Creek) I always stop here and take a "hike" up Baskins Trail to this little historic cemetary because one year I discovered that way "up" in the corner of the fenced-in Cemetary, there was one lone Pink Lady I go back there every time we are there to check to see if it is still there! This year it WAS THERE however we were a little early in the season and it was not blooming yet (there was a bud, tho').
So I took a "mental snapshot" of the corner area and went back to the car to draw this. I couldn't even carry my journal and pencil up there because it is such a steep climb in this heavily-wooded area, it was all I could do to use my hiking stick to steady myself. It is a VERY slanted Cemetary!
I decided to go to the back of my book and use the "Niddiggen" sketch paper there as it does take the watercolor pretty well.
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