Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Daffodils and Smokies Pictures

My Daffodils were in full bloom when I arrived home...these are the (approx. 100) bulbs my daughter planted along the edge of our wooded area as a surprise one Fall when we were away. When they came up in the Spring--I was very surprised and delighted! It's the gift that keeps on giving :-)

This is a picture of Cliff & I in front of "Ogles Cabin" on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail Drive. There are loads of wildflower behind this place--and we have seen lots of Pink Lady Slippers here.

This is a sketch/watercolor of a Church Door that we love. It is on Airport Road in the town of Gatlinburg on the way to the cabin above. They always have the flowers to match the door and it looks so pretty.
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Marlene said...

Lovely pictures-love the one on Airport Road. The red door just pops out!