Monday, 29 November 2010

Farmington Players Barn

We reserved tickets for this past Sunday Afternoon which was the last Matinee performance of "A Christmas Story." You've no doubt seen the movie. Ralphie relates a Christmas experience from his boyhood, complete with a bully, a tongue stuck to a flagpole...and an "Orphan-Annie" secret decoder membership. They did a great stage adaptation of this movie....we thoroughly enjoyed it.
We're quite fortunate to have this Players Barn near us. They put on many performances year-round. The last one we enjoyed was "You Can't Take it With You."
I like their logo--it's a replica of the barn, or drama masks, depending on how you look at it.
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Saturday, 27 November 2010

ThnksGvg Turkey Sketch

Well, I did get it down in my sketchbook--Stuffing and all! I like the photos better....The day was so fun--we ended up with 32 people all talking at once and having fun catching up with each other. The youngest ones (Great-Grands, 3 & 5) were having such fun with their cousins! Wonderful Family Time. The desserts weren't bad either!
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Thursday, 25 November 2010


We always cook the turkeys for the Family Thanksgiving Dinner. We need 2 of them because we have so many. Our family alone are 22 people--and my husband's brother and family join this year there were 32 of us!!! Here are the Birds before we carved them...Yummy! I didn't have time to sketch them--maybe I'll try it from the pictures :-)
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Monday, 22 November 2010


This past Sunday, a young lady sat right in front of us--she had beautiful wavy, (natural-color) auburn hair that reached her waistline. I just had to give you my impression/watercolor of her. That's her brother next to her with the "hoodie" on. They have another brother, about 16, with the same red hair (only it's short) and he assists the drums/cymbals man (his teacher) on the Sundays when the orchestra
plays. Very nice family.
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Friday, 19 November 2010

Colorful Squash

I decided to Sketch and Watercolor a picture of my basket of squash, and do it in the Sketchpaper section of my book. It takes the watercolor nicely...probably should have tossed a red pepper in the basket (just for color :-)
I don't know if we will get around to eating ALL of these--but they are interesting to look at.
I put a suggested recipe there--but I usually do not use the brown sugar nor the cinnamon. We just like them baked with butter, salt and pepper. Yum!
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Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm trying to "journal/watercolor" in my book often--so I'm posting things from my everyday life. This was at the Dermatologist's office this morning. I can't resist asking about a project I see someone working on. This lady had to make several embroidered (cross-stitched) quilts because her niece was having boy and girl twins--which of course I was able to chime in that I have boy and girl twins (however,I did have to admit that my twins are having their 56th (OUCH!) birthday this week. :-) In my day, we didn't have ultrasounds to know if they were boys or girls (or one of each :-) BTW, if you didn't recognize it, that's a Teddy Bear she is working on.
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Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We celebrated 4 November birthdays (in our immediate family) on Sunday at our daughter Karen's house. We had one 77-year old, two 56-year-olds, and one 20 year old. There are even more family birthdays in the month of March. Anyway, Karen has collected a few pieces of "Polish Pottery" from where she works in Milford, Michigan. It's a fascinating Shoppe (Acorn Farms) and you can even select a monogrammed Doggie Pillow (for the Dog). We had our coffee and tea in these cups--she has a few different patterns. Her son, Jeff also had some awesome pottery mugs that he made. It was fun to try and capture these--there is even more design on some of the other patterns.
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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

My daughter Ruth has a lovely garden (it's been on the Garden Club Walk) and when I visited last week, the Morning Glory Vine was growing all over a big bush beside the driveway! It was gorgeous, with hundreds of blooms--and it wasn't even morning :-) So this is my watercolor journal take on them.

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