Tuesday, 9 November 2010


We celebrated 4 November birthdays (in our immediate family) on Sunday at our daughter Karen's house. We had one 77-year old, two 56-year-olds, and one 20 year old. There are even more family birthdays in the month of March. Anyway, Karen has collected a few pieces of "Polish Pottery" from where she works in Milford, Michigan. It's a fascinating Shoppe (Acorn Farms) and you can even select a monogrammed Doggie Pillow (for the Dog). We had our coffee and tea in these cups--she has a few different patterns. Her son, Jeff also had some awesome pottery mugs that he made. It was fun to try and capture these--there is even more design on some of the other patterns.
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Marlene said...

I bought some Polish Pottery in Germany. ILOVE it. I want to add to my collection. Beautiful drawings most talented lady!

Laura Mayes said...

I love this!! You are so talented :)