Friday, 22 February 2013

Covering a Sketchbook

I just covered an AquaBee Sketchbook for my Granddaughter.  She designed the (Dark Green) Fabric along the left side, and the (Scrapbooking) Papers I used to cover the rest of it....also the "cut-out" that I cut from one of her papers.  She is an Illustrator/Designer for another Company now--but these papers and Fabric are available at JoAnn's.  She also designed some "Plush-Pals" that youngsters 6 and up can "sew" and stuff!  They are very cute.
I enclosed the AquaBee (chosen because I love the sketch paper inside) in a plastic case with a bow because my Son was visiting her in KC Kansas--and was able to deliver it for me :-)  :-)
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Need Some Colors....

It's the end of February and everything is very Wintery-looking....nothing much to paint outside so I went into my "archives" and looked for one of my favorites.....turned out to be my button picture.  This was fun to sketch and watercolor.  Catherine Carey had painted some buttons on her blog for a demo and I thought about all the buttons I have in a bag so I picked out some and painted them.   I added the needle and thread later (I had already drawn the line around the buttons) and someone said it looked like thread--so I added a needle :-) 
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