Friday, 22 February 2013

Covering a Sketchbook

I just covered an AquaBee Sketchbook for my Granddaughter.  She designed the (Dark Green) Fabric along the left side, and the (Scrapbooking) Papers I used to cover the rest of it....also the "cut-out" that I cut from one of her papers.  She is an Illustrator/Designer for another Company now--but these papers and Fabric are available at JoAnn's.  She also designed some "Plush-Pals" that youngsters 6 and up can "sew" and stuff!  They are very cute.
I enclosed the AquaBee (chosen because I love the sketch paper inside) in a plastic case with a bow because my Son was visiting her in KC Kansas--and was able to deliver it for me :-)  :-)
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Teri Casper said...

Great idea! I am making some sketchbooks myself today so when I saw your title, had to come look. Not sure what I want to do for my cover yet but this helps.

Marlene Henderson said...

I love this idea. Perfect for an artistic person.