Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Music Man

This past Saturday Evening, we went to PCA (Plymouth Christian Academy) to see our Senior Class Granddaughter perform in the musical "The Music Man".   The student "players" did an awesome job! 
I always take my sketchbook/journal with me and was able to capture a few memories of the evening.

I  "color" my sketches at home :-)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Posting "Stuff" of Color

I love Thistles (to draw & watercolor) not to touch :-)  Saw this on a Daniel Smith page (of their Catalog) and decided to paint it on my own.  These even look interesting when they are dried in the Fall Time!  Be careful tho' , they are a little "pickkery" (?)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Birthday Card

I paint my own Birthday Cards, Note Cards, etc., then I scan them and print them on Avery Card Stock (in my Card Program).  I have fun doing this, and since we are all looking forward to Spring Weather (hopefully) after this long winter--I love the budding flowers :-)   (looks like I also scanned a "smudge" down at the bottom :-)

Drawing in Church, continued

Since our Drawing in Church Blog has been put on "hold" I have been posting my Sermon Notes on my own Blog.  This week Pastor finished up the "Soul of Worship" study.  Next week, we will be back into I Kings, etc. to keep on with the Cover to Cover Series--going thru the Bible.    Stay tuned.....  :-)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ecclesiastes--All is Vanity?

The "meaning" of Ecclesiastes is in the last verse of the last Chapter.  ("Fear (reverence and devotion) God and keep His commandments, This is the whole duty of man.")
The Hymns and the music were especially awesome today--Choir and Orchestra were very meaningful ...... getting my journal ready for Tomorrow's lesson. 

Cover to Cover Series--Proverbs

I should've posted this last week.  Pastor "highlighted" verses in the Book of Proverbs.  We are enjoying the Series--but the weather (outside) is awful.....we are sick of the Cold, snow, and blowing!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Flying to and From Washington DC

We made up our mind about 10 years ago that we would not fly anywhere, anymore!!!
Too Crowded, Small seats, long walks, etc.  But we were invited to fly to Wash DC because of a Medical Research Event that my husband was a part of....It was a wonderful trip, except that all the "flying rules" have changed even more--more crowded, more charges, etc. 
We had a wonderful time in DC--but still will not fly unless we absolutely need to.
I took my sketchbook of course and tried to capture the "Sardine Factor"  :-) on the Airplane.