Saturday, 6 November 2010

Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

My daughter Ruth has a lovely garden (it's been on the Garden Club Walk) and when I visited last week, the Morning Glory Vine was growing all over a big bush beside the driveway! It was gorgeous, with hundreds of blooms--and it wasn't even morning :-) So this is my watercolor journal take on them.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - I feel honored to have them drawn and on your blog too. You did a great job on the painting!


ginny said...

Hi Marge,
I check your blog and Catherine's too just about every day. Your Morning Glories look great. Good for you, making a sketch book all on your own.
Ginny B. (We met in journal class)

Oma3 said...

I love the way you composed this page, Marj. You are so kind to visit and leave comments. I just put your blog on my Reader so I can keep up with your art.


Marlene said...

Oh I love morning glories-and to still have them blooming last week-what a treat. You captured them beautifully. Your whole family is so talented.