Thursday, 11 November 2010

I'm trying to "journal/watercolor" in my book often--so I'm posting things from my everyday life. This was at the Dermatologist's office this morning. I can't resist asking about a project I see someone working on. This lady had to make several embroidered (cross-stitched) quilts because her niece was having boy and girl twins--which of course I was able to chime in that I have boy and girl twins (however,I did have to admit that my twins are having their 56th (OUCH!) birthday this week. :-) In my day, we didn't have ultrasounds to know if they were boys or girls (or one of each :-) BTW, if you didn't recognize it, that's a Teddy Bear she is working on.
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Catherine said...

What a great journal page! You really captured a feeling of place!

Marlene said...

I like the idea of journaling with your sketches.

Marj said...

Figure the odds...I went to the Dermatologist for a recheck, when I came out--here was this same lady cross stitching again--she had finished the teddy bear & was working on the edging. I told her I had sketched/wtrclred her and showed her...she was so excited! What fun to see her again (bringing her Father in for his recheck).