Sunday, 1 May 2011

When we were on the Roaring Fork Nature Trail (a narrow one-way road (?) that follows a Rushing River/Creek) I always stop here and take a "hike" up Baskins Trail to this little historic cemetary because one year I discovered that way "up" in the corner of the fenced-in Cemetary, there was one lone Pink Lady I go back there every time we are there to check to see if it is still there! This year it WAS THERE however we were a little early in the season and it was not blooming yet (there was a bud, tho').
So I took a "mental snapshot" of the corner area and went back to the car to draw this. I couldn't even carry my journal and pencil up there because it is such a steep climb in this heavily-wooded area, it was all I could do to use my hiking stick to steady myself. It is a VERY slanted Cemetary!
I decided to go to the back of my book and use the "Niddiggen" sketch paper there as it does take the watercolor pretty well.
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Marlene said...

Wow, you are persistant-to climb that every year. But then, the pink lady slipper is very special. Love the drawing.