Saturday, 14 May 2011

Hyacinths and Pansies

My daughter Ruth surprised me with some Grape Hyacinths this Spring (she planted them last Fall while we were away). She heard me mention that I liked them and she planted at least 30 bulbs. She tells me to "watch out" because they will multiply... love them!

So of course I had to watercolor a few of has rained since then and they are really colorful now.

This is the beginning of my "Pot of Pansies" There will be more :-) as they grow.
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Marlene said...

Oh so pretty. I have a ton of them and they multiply every year. Your paintings are, as usual, lovely. What a talent you have-how fun it must be!

Karen said...

Gorgeous flowers, Mom!

Hey, we haven't seen a new, "Drawing in Church" for a while. What gives?