Friday, 29 April 2011

About 4 days before we left on our vacation to the Smokie Mtns., we were eating Supper at Mitchell's Seafood in Northville, MI and this "mature woman" was sitting in a booth by herself--just finishing her dinner. She had on this matching hat and sweater and had longish gray hair--a bright combination which took my eye. The way I drew her, it looks like she is driving a bus (?) Sorry about that!
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Marlene said...

Ha driving a bus-I think she looks fine. What a fine observant person you are! Cool picture.

Marlene said...

P.S. Did you draw her while you were waiting for your dinner? :)

Marj said...

Yes, I always have my pencil and journal with me. I watercolored it at home even tho' I always carry an "Altoid" tin of paints & a travel brush with me...even a little tiny bottle of water :-)