Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Light makes a difference

I photographed this picture of my w/c/journal outside at our picnic table. Contrasted with the same picture of the Dutchman's Britches (below) it is bright-looking. The photograph below was taken in our Motel Room under those ridiculous (I think) corkscrew-shaped flourescent lights that the motels are all using. It makes the pictures all yellowish--Ugh! Also, it takes them a few minutes to get to full power so that you can read, etc.
We are winding up our vacation and leaving for home tomorrow. Had a wonderful time keeping my watercolor journal of our trip. Lots of wildflowers, mountains, etc.
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Marlene said...

LOVE the Dutchman's Britches. Love that you photographed this outside. It is perfect. Bring some sun and warm home.