Sunday, 10 April 2011

Posting Watercolor Wildflowers from the Smokies

I hope this works...tried to post pictures from Picasa, but I''m not on my cable computer at home...I'm on WiFi at this "resort" where we are staying--and it is very tempermental! (and it's not free!)
The wildflowers are just starting to pop up all over the place.  We took a ride to Roaring Fork Nature Trail (even saw a bear on the way) and the flowers are quite beautiful. 

I did try to sketch/watercolor a couple of them and hope to have more in a few days.


Catherine said...

Marj these are wonderful! Thanks for taking time out to post them - and paying to post them!

Marlene said...

As always-beautiful. Need the name of the resort you are staying at. We are going in the fall.