Sunday, 17 April 2011

Smokies Scenes

We stopped at a Scenic Pullout for a waterfall, and while I was there I spotted a Magnolia in the Woods in full bloom--made a dash for the car and got out my watercolors and put a few strokes on the paper and then finished it at 'home.' Tried a picture of Mingus Mill (where we always buy our ground cornmeal and ground grits). The Miller pointed out a couple violets and some showy Orchus in abundance around the Mill. Also took a drive on the Foothills Parkway and stopped to photograph these "Pinks" which look bright red (there's a history behind the name Pinks--but they are red :-) Saw this Horse mounted on the roof of this home--for what reason??? Doesn't everyone have a horse on their roof???? .....And just a reminder!!! I saw this in a store window in Gatlinburg, TN--and thought it made perfect sense. We all need to remember!
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