Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Going to the "Outback"

Oh! it is so Blah outside right now (& yesterday) and I think I am craving color...so I got out my Watercolor Journal and picked a post from December as you see.
We had such a fine meal there and the veggies are always so colorful. I got out my sketchbook and our waitress just had to "see" it (of course, I was flattered :-)
When our meals came, I loved the look of the whole plate so I quickly penciled in the food--they always give you one of those huge serrated knives :-)
I did watercolor it at home because I didn't want my food to get cold.
In the winter, when there is no snow on the ground--everything is so colorless so to keep sketching something...it's usually food!
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Marlene said...

I love the way you look at things as an artist-your colors are perfect and I like you paintings of everyday things.