Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Clematis Time

These are my Clematis--I have a pink one on the Trellis and below it on a smaller Trellis is a Purple Bell-Shaped Vine with loads of Purple Bells.   Around the side of the house I have a large flowered Purple with a white Star-type Center.  I think this one is called some kind of Etoile????  Love These bloomers right now.
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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is lovely. Is this a homemade book or a store bought one. I love the paper. I also love the why you put the line around the edges. Something I am going to try sometime if I ever get better paper. :)

Marj said...

I did "bind" the book myself. (Went to a class to learn how). The paper is Aquarius II watercolor paper from Daniel Smith Art Supplies.
You fold the big sheets and tear them carefully, etc.
Thanks for your "input" Marj.

Catherine said...

This is a beautiful page, Marj. I haven't been too successful growing clematis. You obviously are very successful at growing it AND painting it.

Marlene said...