Friday, 9 July 2010

Wren Family

Sometime in June, a female wren set up residence in our little birdhouse in the Dogwood tree...she laid some eggs, then she sat on them until they "hatched" and then she and her male companion fed them diligently (moths, small worms, bugs, spiders,etc) from under our surrounding trees and flowers. About 15 days later (on July 5th) they were ready to seek their fortunes--and out of the little house they jumped--one at a time. Then we could hear them chattering in the nearby trees with the Mother carefully guiding them about. Then they are "on their own."
It was so fun to watch this whole process, so I thought I would record it in watercolor in my sketchbook!
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Marlene said...

This is so pretty. I am glad you share your pictures.