Friday, 11 March 2011

Contrasting Walkways/Seasons

I was going through some pictures of ours (that we have saved in Picasa) and came across these two contrasting ones. Our "Flowered Walkway" was taken last Fall (October, 2010) and the "Snowy" one was taken this winter (February 2011). A lot of this snow has melted now, and we are so much looking forward to Spring. What a contrast!!! In Michigan it changes every day!!! I think we may take a few weeks in April down in the Smokie Mountains (while we are having our main bathroom retiled etc.) We can enjoy the wildflower season down there...lots of things, places to journal/watercolor. :-)
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ginny said...

Hi Marge,

I had to laugh when I saw your rendition of the Coldwater Creek catalog. I have mine sitting on the kitchen counter because I loved the colors and thought it might inspire a little painting. Great minds think alike.

Marlene said...

The contrast is stark! But a reminder of things to come. Love the Smokies; love springtime there and your watercolors :)