Friday, 4 May 2012

Hooray for Wrens!

Our House Wrens arrived today--constant singing and going in and out of the Wren House with twigs.  They were very, very busy (active) all day today.  This evening the singing and busy-ness settled down.  They were probably exhausted and needed to "eat."  I hope they are planning on using "our" little birdhouse because it is so fun to watch them tend to their little flock.  I'll keep you posted.
This is last year's wren house.....I bought a new one up in Petoskey, MI last summer and  the wrens seem to take to it right away.  I will post a watercolor of that one soon.
The Rose-Breasted Grossbeak also arrived today and I saw our first Hummingbird.  Didn't get much done today because I was focused on the birds.  :-)  :-)  :-)   Enjoy! 
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Catherine said...

What fun to have wrens nesting! We have starlings and think even they are fun to watch.

Love this little painting!

Ellen said...

How I enjoy wrens . . . a sure sign of spring!

Marj, your art is truly wonderful and I see such similarities in your work and that of Susan Branch. You would like her cookbooks and calendars! In fact, you could publish your own cookbooks and calendars!!!