Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer Cooler

I actually sketched/watercolored this a few Summers ago--but was reminded of it on Catherine's blog and since it has been so unbearably hot, I thought it was a "cool" thing to post.  :-)
Our Air conditioner died (after only 22 yrs :-) and we had another one installed several days later.  The day before it was installed, we had 102 degree weather so we stayed at the local Hampton Inn.   Now we are really "cool."  Today is Tuesday and tomorrow there is a High Heat Warning for our area :-(
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Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

wow.. and here we are chilly. but its to start warming up later today. I always think of watermelons on a hot day so this is perfect. Stay cool.

Catherine said...

Marj - we were just in Ann Arbor for the weekend, and according to our car, it was 108!!! How do you guys stand it?!

Marj said...

Catherine, just got the Air Cond. installed and hanging around inside--haven't even taken a trip to Hollander's. From here to there is all "road construction" to top it all off.
Hope your AA trip was good :-)

PAK ART said...

that watermelon looks so juicy and cool - I could just bite into it and have juice dribbling down my chin! We are mid 50's and rainy so I feel like summer hasn't even arrived yet! Maybe we could trade weather for a few days!

Marlene said...

Very cool picture. Now you can stay cool in your house in this unbearable HOT summer.