Thursday, 9 August 2012

Red Geraniums on my Deck

I thought I would sketch/watercolor my Geraniums that are sitting in the Wrought Iron Stand on our Deck.  We are going Up North on Sunday--and when I return, they may not look quite the same :-(
All of our flowers will be "on their own" while we are away....the Grandkids could come over and water, but
the summer is almost "spent" and so are a lot of our other flowers.  In fact, 2 days ago, we looked out back at our "Million Belles" plants (hanging on a double hook-type holder), and there on the Deck railing was a Ground Hog eating off every one of the blossoms--Wish I had a BB gun!  No wonder they are so Fat!!!
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PAK ART said...

Bad groundhog! But even a groundhog has got to eat! I haven't been around blog land lately so have missed several of my friends posts...but it seems you haven't been around much either. I get back into a more regular schedule come fall. The red's are very pretty in this pic.