Monday, 12 January 2015

Drawing in Church January 11, 2015

I haven't posted for so long--I almost forgot how to do it!  The weather is very "wintery" and not much color outside, thus not too many sketches.  So I decided to post Sunday's Church-Notes.
We are doing a series called "Cover to Cover" going thru the whole Bible (in chunks, or by subject).
This week we were studying the book of Obadiah (it's all of one chapter in length).
I try to list the Hymns we sing and then do an Outline as the Pastor is teaching.
Sometimes I draw the choir, or the Soloist, maybe even some of the Orchestra -- if they are "on" that Sunday :-)  I watercolor at home (it would draw too much attention if I did it while sitting in the pew :-)



GmaFlo said...

I have found my twin! I love your art, your music, your church "notes", your travels (so many of the places I, too, have traveled), your flowers, yard, everything. It's like I've found someone who has documented my life. I've read all of your posts after finding you this week on Watercolors. What a joy. Keep posting. What a ministry!

Marj said...

Thanks for your positive comments on my blog...I do enjoy sketching/watercoloring my "daily" life :-) Marj. M.