Tuesday, 25 September 2012

THE HENRY FORD Museum and Imax

Yesterday we got tickets for the Imax viewing of  "Titanica" -- a documentary of the search for the Titanic (the sinking of the Titanic was 100 years ago - April, 1912).  The Henry Ford honored this historical event with a showing of Artifacts from the Titanic in the Henry Ford Museum....plus they had showings of  "Titanic"
(The love story Hollywood version) in their IMAX theater.  Also showing was "Titanica" (the documentary).
We had already seen the Hollywood version--and wanted to see the "dive" for the parts of the Ship that were found.  It was FABULOUS!  Especially on Imax!  This is the last week--if you live in this area--call to see if you can get tickets.  You won't be sorry.
We visited the Museum store as you can see--I bought some tea in a cannister and some earrings.  The tea is delicious!  Love my earrings too :-)  It's a "fun" store :-)
I sketched the ship from a picture advertising the movie while we waited to get our seats--watercolored when I got home.
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