Sunday, 16 September 2012

Waiting for the Sunset

When we were in Petoskey, Michigan for my Sketchbook/Watercolor Journaling Class, Catherine suggested that we sketch something that evening for practice.  So we (husband photographer & I) were down in the Park on the Bay waiting for the sunset, I decided to sketch the sailboat and fisherman and a few seagulls.  I watercolored it when we got back to the Hampton Inn (for relaxation :-)  We had some beautiful sunsets that week (see below).
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Teri Casper said...

For goodness sakes, I never looked at your blog before and enjoyed looking at your paintings and hearing about your class. You have really pretty paintings!

Marj said...

Thank you! I don't do watercolors to frame anymore--just the Journals of everyday stuff...It's a wonderful hobby to keep me painting.
Also have a "Card Ministry" at Church--putting my work on the front of a card and sending greetings for BD's, Annivs., etc.
Don't want to get into selling online--so I rarely post them.

Marlene said...

How many years have you been taking the Class? I just love Petoskey!

Marj said...

Marlene, been taking the Class for several (?) years now. Also took a bookbinding class up there.

PAK ART said...

This sailboat is so beautiful. I've tried drawing boats many times, it's difficult to get the shape of the hull right when it's not sideways or a bow/stern view. It looks perfect!