Sunday, 21 October 2012

Some Fruit I picked up today at the Grocery Store

The  colors of the Pears were irrestible today--but I added a banana and a couple of Raspberries for interest.   
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Catherine said...

The red pears seem VERY red this year, don't they? Pretty little sketch - also love your glimpses of fall.

Ellen said...

Wonderful autumn pictures, Marj! I just know that those pears are nice and juicy and what a lovely touch you have added with banana and raspberries.

The milkweed reminds me of when I was a child living in farm country. Milkweed fascinated me on my long walks down dirt roads and following the bending creek. Your rock is great . . . I want to sit on a good solid rock, while watching the world go by.

Thanks for the memories!