Friday, 16 November 2012

Making Cranberry-Orange Relish

Finally made my Cranberry-Orange Relish today for Thanksgiving next week.  If it's made one week ahead (at least) it "ripens" and turns a beautiful shade of Burgundy ;-)   I use my Food Processer to make it like regular relish.  In case anyone wants the recipe:  1-Navel Orange (cut into at least quarters--it processes better)  1-12 oz. package fresh whole cranberries and 1 Cup Sugar.
Mix WELL together and store in a quart jar.  Yummy with Turkey (or Chicken)
Sometimes I put small amounts in the freezer to take out and have with ANY sandwich.
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Catherine said...

What a great little painting, and thanks for the recipe!

PAK ART said...

I love your art journal - it always inspires me. I've been away for awhile in my head. Just rough at work and with some family issues - this too shall pass. Need to get back to doing art so I can regain my sanity! lol

Marlene said...

This is my favorite. Agnes used to make it every Thanksgiving when we got together. Love the painting of it.

Ellen said...

Marj, I will be making your Cranberry-Orange Relish for Christmas dinner. Thank you!

Enjoy the blessings of the holiday.

Merry Christmas!