Monday, 13 January 2014

Coffee Buddies

Quite often we go to Tim Horton's for "breakfast" after the "Y" workout...and we always see these guys having coffee together.  they often sit in the corner in front of the window--so today I decided to sketch them and would watercolor them when I got home.  I knew they saw my husband and I there often, so when we got up to leave, I showed them my sketch and said I would "color" it when I got home!  One said "Don't forget I'm the best-looking, etc....."  And another said to put on the picture that they were the WPS "World Problem Solvers"   How could I resist? 
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Catherine said...

Marj - Fun! You really captured a bunch of guys problem solving :) I put you on my "notify for summer" list. It seems like a long way off - we still have a lit of snow - but I guess summer will be here sooner or later. I had better get with it!