Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bookbinding a Personal W/C Journal

This week I attended a Bookbinding Class to make a personal watercolor journal. The nice thing about this is we put watercolor paper in the book and also a few pages of sketchpaper...thus we can use this book as a personal "diary" of sketches/watercolors of things we see or experience day to day. It took a whole day to "make and bind the book." (It has a clear cover on it for protection) That is why there are relections on it when I photographed. The next day, we painted in it--just to "dive in" immediately and take the jitters out of painting in a brand-new book (fearing that we would make a mistake and ruin it.) This book is bound like a regular book, so I can open it up flat and paint right across two pages.
So I printed my first entry...and the book so you could get an idea of what this is all about.
BTW, I used papers that my Granddaughter Laura designed--and it was hard to make a choice between which design to use. :-)
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