Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Last of the Season

After we made our books (Bookbinding Class) We were encouraged to paint in them immediately. In this sketch/watercolor, we picked up some "spent" things in Cathy's garden and painted them. I tried to do a contour-type drawing, but I probably lifted the pen several times :-) We also learned how to paint ribbon for a border. One of my daughters really like this, so I decided to post it.
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Marlene said...

I really like this-it is amazing and very cool!

plaid petunia said...

I love this. I am so glad to see you posted your new book. I hope you are enjoying painting in it. I find I want to paint and fill them up so I can bind another book.

Hollander's is a great place. I can't wait to see what your do. Hope you will post your book when you finish it. Did you have any problems with my information and supply list? Cathy