Monday, 6 December 2010

Just Finished

Just finished making my latest Watercolor/Sketchbook Journal...Now I'd better get painting & sketching :-) The first one I made is getting quite filled. It's a lot of fun making these, but I need to "limit" myself. I was quite excited to run into a (Bookbinding) classmate of mine (Betsy V.) at Hiller's Market. We couldn't stop chatting--we did make plans to take a trip to Hollander's in Ann Arbor together, so she can get the pieces she needs to start and finish her book. I realized when I started to work on this black & white print paper that is was fairly soft (?) and I wonder how it will "hold up." We'll see! The trouble is that I already have a paper in mind for my next book. Better get my brushes and finish up the first book. :-) I'm having too much fun! (isn't that what this is all about???)
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Marlene said...

Beautiful. Yep that's what is all about. Having fun and enjoying what you do!

Catherine said...

Marj - this is absolutely beautiful! If you give it an acetate book jacket(like we did in class) it ought to hold up just fine. I think you can get a piece at a craft store, sold as a clear "sleeve" to protect paintings and prints. How fun to run into Betsy V!

plaid petunia said...

Beautiful! So glad to see you are enjoying the book binding. Love everything you are doing. Cathy