Saturday, 18 December 2010

Those Bright Colors

Saw some persimmons painted on someone else's blog--so I decided to try them. I had never tasted them either. SO I painted them with a couple other colorful fruits that I bought at the same time. The persimmon was quite tasty. Starfruit, I can take or leave it. It's quite tart--but I did like trying to paint it. I have purchased pomegranates many times, but let them dry so I could have a Christmasy-looking bowl to display. I looked on "Google" to see how to cut them properly. It's quite simple, but you must follow the steps. We used to just cut them and try to get the seeds out, which makes your fingers and anything around quite messy! Having fun trying to fill my watercolor journal with everyday sketches and painting....can't wait to start my new one!
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Marlene said...

Interesting fruits. I like star fruit-never liked the seeds in persimmons and always dry pomegranate too. Your picture is lovely. It is interesting what captivates you to paint.