Monday, 27 December 2010

Ambassador Class Christmas Party

Last Tuesday evening we had our Class Christmas Party. A wonderful Roast Beef dinner with many trimmings...good desserts (I chose Pumpkin Pie), and then wonderful entertainment by some very talented people. A good celebration of the Season. Before I finished my dessert and coffee, I got out my sketchbook and recorded a few things. The centerpieces were so pretty--and the decorations made it so festive!
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Oma3 said...

And there are the salt shakers... your teacher is on your page :-). Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Marlene said...

I just print these up and put them in my scrapbook; they make wonderful colorful additions. Is that plagerism?

Marj said...

Oma3, Yes I like to think I can imitate Catherine a bit :-)

Marlene, You can plagerize my stuff for your scrapbook anytime!