Friday, 8 October 2010

Ann Arbor Michigan

This week we took a trip out to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit the Bookbinding Store (Hollander's) ! What a wonderful Store. But we discovered our favorite Deli just around the corner--Zingerman's. You must visit sometime just to see the (imported from everywhere) Cheese Display! Then sample whatever they have out...usually brownies from the Bakery, maybe some dipping oils, breads, or a snippet of Cheese. We had our favorite Sandwiches there for a late Lunch (or early Supper ?).
The trees are just starting to turn red around the edges--so it was a colorful trip. While I was at Hollander's, I was able to select some papers for my next Book that I will bind's a fun project--with a lot of steps--to completion. I'm not writing a book, I'm filling it with watercolor paper to use for a sketchbook/watercolor memory journal.
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plaid petunia said...

What a fun sketch. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Marlene said...

Oh this is so creative and fun...I thing it is grand that you are doing this and it is so pretty too.