Saturday, 16 October 2010


I bought a "tree" of Brussel Sprouts (and shared half with my daughter). Then I looked up C. Carey's Brussel Sprouts and recipe (on her blog--"older posts") and got them ready to Roast (with garlic & walnuts). Before that, I thought I'd better paint them for posterity. Also liked the sign stuck in the driveway of the market which meant we could only go ONE WAY! They had propped it up with a couple pumpkins, in keeping with the season. We have had a busy Fall season--cleaning out the old flowers, planting Aliums, etc...then taking each beautiful afternoon to cruise around and photograph (Cliff) and I would Sketch/WC/Journal. Can you tell I love painting in my new book. I haven't posted ALL my pics, but I'm tempted.
Now I will need to get back to my bookbinding...I've got all my paper measured and torn and folded--and now am ready to start on the spine. I will have to do this a step at a time to make sure I get it right. Hope Catherine's got her phone handy :-)
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Catherine said...

Yes, Catherine has her phone ready!
LOVE your brussels sprouts.

Marlene said...

Brussel sprouts (or Russell sprouts as we used to call them) and I have fallen out of favor with each other. But this recipe looks so good, I am tempted to try them again.