Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Can't believe I did it!!! After making (bookbinding) my own book in a class--I actually did this at home by myself :-) Plaid Petunia's instructions were very good! I did stumble a few places--but would lay it aside, look at my Class-made book and try to figure what to do next. The Spine is the hardest part (I think)...and I will never cut the bookboards (by hand) again--They are too thick to be cut with an exacto-type knife...even a heavy duty one. Thanks for taking my phone call early on Catherine :-) I am already planning my next one! Tonight, the book is being "pressed" under my VERY HEAVY BOOK. I can't wait until morning to see it. I need to find out where to get the clear plastic cover to protect it.
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Marlene said...

Beautiful. What a cool thing to learn how to do.

Catherine said...

Marj - this is beautiful! Good for you! Of course, I had no doubt you could do it. It is addictive, isn't it?

The plastic cover is an acetate (?) sleeve that you slip matted paintings in to protect them - cut to size to fit you book like a dust cover. I think you can buy them at someplace like Micheal's. I buy them on-line at Clear Bags, but you have to buys hundreds.

plaid petunia said...

Marj, I love your book. Sorry you had trouble cutting the book board. I have cut it with a utility knife with three swipes but it took a lot of pressure. One of my students had boards cut at Hollander's and is was really reasonable.

You book really caught my attention. I thought I was on my own blog. I have the same paper and have made books form it.

Great job! athy