Friday, 14 January 2011

Clementine Tangerines

I started to peel myself a Clementine (Tangerine) and discovered that the Peeling was coming off all in one piece--so I kept it up and did succeed in a One-Piece-Peel :-) When I set it on the table to eat, I decided to watercolor it since I'm always looking for everyday subjects for my journal. In the winter there aren't as many things jumping out in front of enjoy my "feast" with me.
In this area, we buy small "crates" of these--about 24 Clementine Tangerines. They are real sweet, and usually seedless.
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Oma5 said...

How I love Clementines, I get bags of them at our local Trader Joes.... you give me good ideas of things I can put into my journal pages...e

Marlene said...

I love these clemintines. I love when the peel comes off in one piece-doesn't happen too often. Great picture of and everyday object.

Catherine said...

Clementines seem especially tasty this year.

What a great painting - love those colors!