Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Kitchen Doorwall Christmas Wreath

Yesterday, we took down all of our Christmas Decor--inside and out--in between days of snow. Last night we got a few more inches...actually it has a nice clean look! I wanted to show my hand-made crocheted snowflakes that my friend Ruth did for me several years ago. I put them up every year (Do you think that invites the snow???) Also we have a heated birdbath so the birds can have a drink during the winter. It's fun to see them even sometimes take a "bath." We have some Robins that stay here all winter because we have trees that have small fruits on them that they just love. Before long, the Cedar Waxwings will be "raiding" the trees for those precious fruits. Only the pine trees are green this time of the year--so now we are looking forward to longer days and Spring :-)
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Marlene said...

Oh will have to get us a heated bird bath. The snow is pretty I guess when the sun shines. I am not a fan of winter anymore. Love your sketches-the wreath is pretty.