Monday, 24 January 2011

Watercolor and Photos

I decided to post a couple items together. First, an entry in my Watercolor Journal--it is done in the drawing paper part of my journal (the last few pages :-) As I mentioned beside the drawing, I like the Nook a lot and use it every day and have read quite a few books since June.
Then there's the update on my Amaryllis--It's growing so tall it almost reaches my light fixture over the Kitchen Table...but we do have a bloom stem as you can see (Maybe by Valentine's Day???)
Then I took a few pictures out of my Kitchen Window of birds at my feeder. I happened to get one of my favorite little Red-Breasted Nuthatch guy.  They are friendly birds just like the Chickadees.  Notice the female Cardinal in the background.   It was snowing quite a bit today and the birds really do come looking for food. I get quite a variety of them and enjoy keeping the feeder full.

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Marlene said...

Like your nook. It looks completely different than the Kindle. I am sure you will have a bloom on that "thing" by Valentine's day and it will be worth the wait. I always got my mom one for Christmas. The picture of the nuthatch turned out good-these birds are hard to photograph sometimes.