Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Amaryllis Beanstalk

My Amaryllis has finally grown a bloom stem all the way to the tip of the light fixture over the kitchen table. Go figure! We are even seeing a touch of red popping thru the bud. I just thought I would "update" it. We now call her our Beanstalk :-)
It is now almost 9:00 p.m. and our predicted snowstorm hasn't started yet; however, the wind is blowing and swirling the snow that we already have on our roofs down on our walkways. We are so prepared for a couple of days to be "snowed in."
One of our daughters and her family (and us) went to dinner tonight at PF Chang's because we knew we wouldn't be getting out for a few days. Too fun!
I would watercolor this Amaryllis, but it is not very appealing because it's so tall and stringy-looking.
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Oma5 said...

MY plant never even has grown a stem for a bloom, just leaves, that is all...sigh!