Monday, 21 February 2011

Basketball Season is almost over (for our girls)

Our Granddaughter (age 14) plays basketball for her school team. Her Dad is the Coach (our son-in-law). Both do a great job! We were at their (away) game last Friday evening...In our estimation, they played well and won! Rachel made 4 baskets! Trying to keep up my watercolor journaling.
Wow! We were given 10" of snow Starting Sunday afternoon into evening. (S.E. Michigan) I think we got more than they did up North in Michigan. Just lucky, I guess :-]
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Catherine said...

Great journal entry!!! And congrats to the team, We didn't get any snow. It is cold and windy, but no snow.

Marlene said...

Ditto-great journal entry. Love the images. Go team go!