Friday, 11 February 2011

That BLOOMING Amaryllis

We finally got 3 full blooms on the Amaryllis. Woo-H00!!! It took about 2 and a half months :-) I thought it was only going to be a beanstalk without a bloom--but stuck with it and here we go. You can see on earlier posts I took some photos to show how tall it was--it actually grew the flowers up in between the hanging lights over our Kitchen Table. This is my last mention of these, I promise :-)
This is the first page in my new (second, hand-bound) sketchbook journal.
I used some kosher salt when the paint was wet to give it some interest (?)
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Oma5 said...

I love the composition of your page, Marg... especially the one leaf breaking through the circle... great job!