Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fall Season Stuff

Took a trip to the Apple Barn today....just like we did last week.....only last week we had the Cider and donuts. This week I am printing them :-) Also more Fall Colors....the Locust Trees are all yellow and Burning bushes are all Red as is the Virginia Creeper winding up the trees and thru the other plants looking just beautiful. Lots of Bushy (white, tiny) Asters this year! And the Thistle is all dried now and brown looking. Just right for mixing in Fall bouquets! We had 40 to 50 mile gusts of wind yesterday and lots of leaves were dropped. This season is just too short!
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Marlene said...

It sure is too short, but I love the way you captured it in these paintings. I used to spray paint the thistle before I added it to an arrangement or wreath.

beauty said...

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