Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Roadside Flowers and Breakfast

We went out to Breakfast yesterday at one of our favorite places in our area (it was our 58th Wedding Anniversary :-) and we usually eat a very simple breakfast, but decided to have someone else fix it for us. Yum, it was sooo-oo good! They have murals on the walls here and I always like this Rooster--so gave him a watercolor "try."
As we travel along the roads and highways these days, there are such colorful "weeds" (fall wildflowers) that I love--and the above ones were all together in an area making a very colorful scene. The purple Wild Asters are so pretty! Anyway, here I am doing the roadside wildflowers again!
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plaid petunia said...

Happy Anniversary ! Love your chicken. I see you are really getting into the food. Catherine is rubbing off on you. Love seeing what you are doing. Cathy

PAK ART said...

Your watercolors are always so beautiful - even scrambled eggs! I've never tried drawing/painting my food but it looks like fun!

Marlene said...

Happy Anniversary. WOW!! And you aren't even that old!! What a blessing!!! Roadside flowers are never weeds. Never Ever!! They are beautiful flowers and I love to make bouquets with them. You captured them perfectly.

beauty said...

I think your emotions in your blog are completely honest to you and your friends/readers. Thanks for sharing.